yvonne, list of works - chamber


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1.   Nine Works for Marimba and Piano (2012) - 65.5 minutes

      Nine of Marimbist, Peter Gillespie’s favourite works written specifically for Marimba and Piano along with arrangements by

      the composer of a few of her other chamber works.  Collection includes It’s About Time, Penny for Your Thoughts,

      Arachnid, Catnip, Excursion, Razzle, Dazzle, Sleeves of Green, and Five Vignettes.

2.   Animated States (2012) for Violoncello and Piano – 8.5 min

      These two animated movements were written specially for Caroline Szram (vc) and Dr. Aleks Szram (piano) from London,

      England.  Both spirited movements are highly rhythmic and playful, although each has a moment of rest in the middle for

      both performer and listener to catch ones’ breath.

3.   It’s About Time (2011) for Marimba and Piano – 10.5 minutes

      An energetic and rhythmic three movement work written for Peter Gillespie, marimbist.  The composition highlights

      rhythmic groupings of two and three which produce off-beat accents and unexpected changes of pulse.

4.   Penny for Your Thoughts (2011) for Marimba and Piano – 4 minutes

      This single movement work written for Peter Gillespie, marimbist, utilizes the two whole tone scales and the different

      intervals and triads which can be derived from them.

5.   Excursions (2010) for Trombone and Piano– 5.5 minutes

      Specially written for the musical talent of Dr. Jim Chilton, trombonist, each of the three movements highlights a certain

      range and expressive melodic capability of the trombone which is supported, and sometimes challenged, by the carefully

      constructed accompaniment of the piano.

6.   Three Melodies for French Horn and Piano (2009) – 5.5 minutes

      Written for Dr. Jean Gillespie, these three movements explore the timbral and dynamic qualities of the French Horn while

      highlighting the expressive melodic capability of the instrument.

7.   Wholescapes (2009) for Clarinet, Violoncello, and Piano – 14 minutes

      A three movement work composed for the Amici Chamber Ensemble from Toronto, Ontario.  The composition is based on

      the juxtaposition of the two alternate whole note collections.  

8.   Dazzle (2008) for Solo Piano – 5.5 minutes

      A companion piece to Razzle (2004) which further develops the earlier piece’s musical ideas producing a unique work which

      would appropriately follow a performance of Razzle, yet can be presented independently.

9.   Surrender and Faithfulness (2008) – 4 and 3 minutes respectively

      Two works commissioned by the Infinitus Trio of Vancouver, BC based on two Hymns which were provided for inspiration,

       “I Surrender” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

10.   Suite for Solo Piano (2008) – 7.5 minutes

        A collection of miniatures that surveys the expressive and coloristic capabilities of the piano.  

11.   Snippets (2007) for Solo Violoncello – 8 minutes

        Seven short movements written for Caroline Szram, violoncello, that each explore a singular musical idea while exploiting

        the unique timbral characteristics of the violoncello.  The work is performed without a break between the movements.

12.   Stratum (2006) for Flute, Clarinet in Bflat, French Horn, Two

        Percussionists, Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Contrabass – 14 minutes

        Three movements that utilize the layering of melody, harmony, and rhythm producing distinct textures and musical


13.   Sleeves of Green (2005) for Flute and Piano – 5 minutes

        A commissioned work by the American flutist, Dr. Jessica Raposo, for inclusion in a concert being presented on

        St. Patrick’s Day.  In keeping with a theme of green she requested a work based on the traditional song "Greensleeves".  

        Performed by Dr. Jessica Raposo

14.   Razzle (2004) for Solo Piano – 7 minutes     

        A rhythmic and energetic work built from a six note ostinato complete with offbeat accents, an ethereal middle section,

        and exciting virtuosic passages.

        Performed by Dr. Aleksander Szram

15.   Continuosity (2004) for Flute, Violin, Violoncello, French Horn, and Piano - 6 minutes

        This work exploits continually changing relationships amongst the instruments within an animated texture where motivic

        ideas are continually being passed from one instrument to the next.  

16.   Catnip II (2004) Trio for Flute, Violoncello, and Piano – 6 minutes

        Music inspired by the crazy antics of cats after exposure to catnip.

17.   Arachnid (2004) for Violoncello or Marimba and Piano – 10 minutes

        Single movement work with three quasi-programmatic sections each associated with the life of a spider:  building a web,

        waiting for the fly, and celebrating the catch.

        Performed by Caroline Szram, Violoncello and Yvonne Gillespie, Piano

18.   Take a Note (2004) for Soprano Saxophone, Violoncello, Piano, and Percussion – 6 minutes

        Written for inclusion in the Sonic Boom 2004 Workshop held in Vancouver, B.C.


19.    Square Peg, Round Hole (2004) for Saxophone Quartet – 5 minutes

         An offbeat and playful composition that explores the displacement and augmentation or diminution of motivic, rhythmic,

         and melodic ideas.

         Performed by UBC Saxophone Quartet

20.    Passages (2003) for String Quartet – 17 minutes

         Three movements that explore the vast musical possibilities of the interval of a second.

21.    CatNip (2003) for Flute and Piano – 6 minutes

         Music that was inspired by the crazy antics of cats after exposure to catnip.


22.    Felinicity (2000) for Three Trombones and Piano – 9 minutes

         A single movement work with quasi-programmatic musical references to the life of a cat.

23.    From the Eyes to the Ears (2000) for String Quartet – 14 minutes

         Musical representations of three paintings by Edvard Munch; the first movement depicts “The Scream”, the  second

         “Melancholy”, and the third “The Dance of Life”.

24.    Music in the Wind (1999) for Violoncello Ensemble - 11 minutes

         Single movement work with six separate violoncello parts inspired by the music that the wind makes as it passes through


25.    Copycat (1998) for Two Marimbas – 6 minutes

         An animated single movement work highlighting imitation within melody, harmony, and form.

26.    !Dance Again! (1997) for Nonet, Woodwind Quartet or Quintet – 15 minutes

         Five short dances inspired by the uninhibited dancing of a young child.  Each movement explores a different dance form

         while highlighting rhythmic structures and harmonic/melodic freedom.

27.    Rumours (1997) for Piano Quintet – 16 minutes

         Three movements for string quartet and piano, each exploring the concept of perpetual variation.

         Performed by the Composers’ Orchestra, Toronto

28.    A Day in the Life (1996) for String Quartet – 18 minutes

         Four movements resulting from the exploration of harmony, melody, rhythm, and form utilizing traditional and

         contemporary compositional techniques.

29.    Pieces of Glass (1996) for Octet – 16 minutes

         An octet for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, tuba, violin, violoncello, marimba, and piano consisting of three quasi-

         programmatic movements each depicting a physical property of glass.

30.    Chromatissential (1995) Trio for Clarinet, Violoncello, and Piano – 15 mins

         An exploration of melodic and harmonic chromaticism composed in three movements.

31.    !Dance! (1995) for Nonet – 16 minutes

         Five short dances for Nonet inspired by the uninhibited dancing of a young child.  Each movement explores a different

         dance form while highlighting rhythmic structures and harmonic/melodic freedom.

32.    Five Vignettes (1994) for Two Pianos – 15 minutes

         Five abbreviated musical presentations each exploring a unique musical idea within a condensed time frame while

         exploiting the extensive range and timbral possibilities of the piano.

33.    Sounds in the Night (1995) for Spoken Voice, Marimba, Piano – 6 minutes

         A very effective combination of spoken poetic voice and descriptive music utilizing the poetry of Peter Gillespie.

34.    Grinding Steel (1994) for Spoken Voice, Marimba, and Piano – 7 minutes

         Another very effective combination of spoken poetic voice and descriptive music utilizing the poetry of Peter Gillespie.

35.    Perpetuity (1993) for Flute and Piano – 9 minutes

36.    Pulsation (1993) for Vibraphone, Percussion, and Piano – 12 minutes

37.    YAP Concoction (1992) for Percussion Ensemble – 15 minutes

         Co-written with Peter Gillespie, percussionist.

38.    Quietude (1991) for Piano Solo – 8 minutes