peter, the poet


writer of poetry for adults and children

Peter is an incredibly creative poet who shares with us his insightful musings about his own world and the world around him.  Drawing from an intensely perceptive mind and spontaneous imagination, he creates vivid word constructs that are picturesque and deeply thought provoking.   These powerful poetic presentations are complemented by numerous poems that explore Peter’s keen and unpredictable sense of humour.  From beginning to end, readers will be moved, inspired, and entertained as they discover, explore, and consider something completely new.

Peter lives with his wife in the small town of Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.


Letters beget words

which precipitate sentences,

which shaped into semblance of thoughts,

form meaning.


through individual filters,

assessed and cast-off

or interpreted as relevant.


is subjective, often misinterpreted,

to be taken austerely

when intended as fodder

for erudite banter.


can quieten frayed contemplations,

enrich bonds,

enhance esteem.

Or Esteem

can be defeated,

slaughtered unintentionally

with words.


so imprecise, so erroneous

as to take our intentions off-course,

innocently plaiting paths of betrayal.

Petery Gillespie

Copyright 2013

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