Forsaken is a moving and powerful single movement work which combines vocal melody and chromatic harmony with the very expressive poetry of Peter Gillespie:

          Wind blows cold on icy shore,

          the landscape laying bare,

          bringing snow to set down low on life,

          on life, life without a care.

          Time is short from last year’s parting,

          now the lion roars,

          escorting pain into the den,

          clipping wings, wings that soared above.

          To let, to yield, in cowardice

          to winter’s steely chill,

          akin to embracing loneliness

          beneath desolate hill.

          Deep within our small disguise,

          we cling to what we know,

          wanting more, but gaining less

          by hiding passion’s show.

          To want, to need, return of spring

          would break existing fools,

          desire is saved for those who wait;

          patiently nature rules.

          When the season restores its youth,

          by feigning life anew,

          in time I’m sure she’ll find a way

          of returning, returning me to you.

          Returning me to you.

          © 2010 Peter Gillespie

Instrumentation:  SATB Choir, a capella

Duration:  8 minutes

Performed by UBC Women’s Choir

Kevin Zakresky, Conductor

Listen to a performance of Forsaken