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Child Tested and Guaranteed!

The musical story of HENRIETTA, The Cow has been child-tested and is guaranteed to please children aged four to fifteen but will be enjoyed by all those who are young at heart!  Henrietta’s antics and the entrancing music will keep the children engrossed in the presentation as they respond with laughter, surprise, and sadness. Many audiences have already heard the story of HENRIETTA, The Cow and have commented on the moooo-ving experience!

HENRIETTA, the Cow is a fun-filled story that is accompanied by very descriptive music which complements the action and moods.   Many of the different instruments of the orchestra are highlighted in the music, especially the percussion section, and this gives the children an opportunity to learn about the orchestra.


The story of HENRIETTA, the Cow, was composed for narrator and orchestra (double woodwinds, two French horns, two trumpets, two trombones, tuba, a full complement of strings, timpani, and two percussionists).  A version for chamber orchestra is also available.  The work is thirteen minutes in duration.

The conductor’s score and narrator/instrumental parts are available for rental from the Canadian Music Centre (416) 961-6601 or visit .ca.  Feel free to request a perusal score from the composer, Yvonne Gillespie via email, gillespie@zeal.ca or by phone (250) 701-3324.


Fun puzzle pages, delightful colouring pictures, and crafty word searches relating

to the story are available free of charge for publication in the performance

program or school educational package.

About the Story (SPOILER ALERT)

Henrietta was usually such a happy cow and often she could be seen dancing about the farm, until the unfortunate day when she fell into Farmer Jim’s bucket of paint.   When she stood back up she could see that she had a large, round blotch of bright blue paint on her bottom!  Henrietta was sure that everybody would laugh at her discoloured skin so she hid in the barn where she could hear the other animals playing and laughing.

Then she came up with a terrible plan; she would give each of her happy friends a blue bum and see how they feel about it!  Henrietta surprises each of her friends with a very wet paintbrush and eventually they all have bright blue rumps as well.  But, the other animals don’t seem to think that having a blue bottom is such a terrible thing.  Poor Henrietta soon realizes that she has behaved badly and needs to apologize to her friends.  Hopefully, Henrietta has learned an important lesson that being a little different is just fine!

for Narrator and Orchestra

Music and Stories

by Yvonne Gillespie

A fun-filled presentation

for Dramatic Voice and Orchestra

for your Children’s Series!

Introducing . . . Henrietta, a young cow who accidentally falls into a bucket of bright blue paint.  And now, she has a large, round blotch of paint on her rump!  No longer does she want to play with her friends for they might laugh at her blue bum.  As she lays sulking in the barn she can hear her friends playing and having lots of fun.  Perhaps they wouldn’t be so happy if they had blue bums.  Oh, no!  What is Henrietta up to?