-- Hullabaloo in the Clouds

This children's work for narrator and orchestra utilizes the imaginative poetry of Peter Gillespie accompanied by very descriptive orchestral music and can be performed alone or as part of A Day at the Farm Children’s Show.

The score is available for rental or purchase from the Canadian Music Centre (416) 961-6601 or visit http://www.musiccentre.ca.

Instrumentation:  Narrator and Full or Chamber Orchestra

Duration:  5 minutes

                       Hullabaloo in the Clouds

            The sun peeks through the misty morning

            breaking restful sleep,

            silence fills this lull of day,

            my world is so at peace


            But then a screech, a squawk, a squeal

            a crinkle and a crack,

            what ruckus can be happening

            in my farmyard out back?

            I leap from my bed to view the muddle

            which surely must prevail,

            but when I reach my windowsill

            no squeaks do I reveal!

            The barnyard pens are quiet now

            calm and so serene

            So where was all the noise I heard?

            It’s nowhere to be seen!

            Finding nothing out of place

            I look into the sky,

            to see the big white puffs collide

            “Hey”, a barnyard’s floating by!

            But wait! I see there’s discontent

            it’s growing, oh so big,

            the pigs are riding on the backs

            of horses doing jigs!

            A cow stands up to do ballet

            a rooster on its’ nose,

            but down he falls upon the ground

            from tripping on some crows!

            And look a sheep is barking at

            a dog who’s marching by,

            beating on his drum of white

            up in the misty sky

            Oh no, I think I’m going mad

            it’s such a messed up jumble,

            all my fluffy animals

            watch out!  They’re going to rumble!

            I think I now know where I heard

            the shrieks that rang out loud,

            it was the cloud-yard shouting out

            what a Hullabaloo!

            © 2002 Peter Gillespie