A Day in the Forest-- Buggy Eyes

Imagine the big, buggy eyes, and watch out for the hungry tongue in the poetic work BUGGY EYES. The imaginative poetry written by Peter Gillespie is accompanied by very descriptive orchestral music that will let the listener’s minds soar as they picture the frogs in the forest.

Duration:  5 minutes

                    BUGGY EYES

            Buggy eyes disguise inside

            a slobbering tongue,

            it turns right round, up and down,

            waiting for a lunge.

            Quiet now, ‘buggy eyes’ pretends

            to be a lily pad,

            to blend right in and act quite thin

            or nothing will he catch.

            Then all at once he hears his prey

            his tummy gives a rumble,

            ZORT-ZAP-ZINGLE, oh how he tingles,

            no time to fall or stumble.

            Ribet, Ribet, belching loudly

            eating up the mess,

            now with belly full again

            exhausted he must rest.

            Turning his head toward the baking sun

            basking in its’ rays,

            he misses danger’s looming breath

            lost amongst the waves

            Then in a flash a whooshing sound

            whizzes by his head

            he doesn’t have the faintest

            what woke him from his bed

            Hop-Dive-Splash, Turn-Whoosh-Dash

            echoes through the pond

            a moment longer waiting

            would surely have been too long

            Buggy Eyes escapes inside

            a hollow log quite near,

            knowing that in future days

            wild birds he has to fear.

            © 2003 Peter Gillespie