Child Tested and Guaranteed!

The music that accompanies Aesop’s fables has been child-tested and is guaranteed to please children aged four to fifteen but will be enjoyed by all those who are young at heart!  Your listeners will be completely captivated as they listen to the wonderful original music and engaging narration!  Each fun-filled fable is accompanied by very descriptive music which complements the action and moods.   Many of the different instruments of the orchestra are highlighted in the music, especially the percussion section, and this gives the children an opportunity to learn about the orchestra.


The fables were scored for narrator and Full Orchestra (double woodwinds, two French horns, two trumpets, two trombones, tuba, 8/8/6/6/4 strings, timpani and two percussionists)  OR  for Chamber Orchestra (single woodwinds, two French horns, a trumpet and trombone, 4/4/3/3/2 strings, timpani and two percussionists).  Each fable is approximately 7 minutes in duration for a total of twenty-one minutes.

The conductor's score and narrator/instrumental parts are available for rental from the Canadian Music Centre, (416) 961-6601 or visit Feel free to request a perusal score from the composer, Yvonne Gillespie via email, or by phone (250) 701-3324.


Fun puzzle pages, delightful colouring pictures, and crafty word searches relating

to the story are available free of charge for publication in the performance program

or school educational package.

     About the Fables

The Dove and the Ant:  A thirsty Ant leans over a bank to get a drink from a river, and unfortunately falls in.  A kind Dove hears the Ant’s calls for help and assists by dropping a leaf into the river which the Ant then uses as a raft.  Later, the Dove is almost caught by a hungry bear only to be saved by the assistance of the tiny Ant.  The Ant had bit the Bear on the toe causing him to roar, thus alerting the Dove who was able to fly away to safety.  

The Fox and the Crow:  A hungry Fox spies a crow sitting on the branch of tree, and in her mouth she holds a large piece of cheese.  The clever Fox devises a way to get the cheese from the Crow; he flatters her and tells how much he would love to hear her beautiful voice.  The poor silly Crow opens her mouth to sing and the Fox is provided with a delicious meal.

The Lion and the Mouse:  A poor Mouse accidentally disturbs a sleeping Lion who awakens and almost eats the terrified Mouse!  Luckily the Lion heeds the Mouse’s pleas for mercy and decides to spare his life.  Later, when the Lion gets caught  in  a net,  the mouse is able to return the favour and frees the very grateful Lion.

DURATION:  21 minutes (7 minutes per fable)

Three Fables

for Narrator and Orchestra

Music and Retelling of Aesop’s Fables

by Yvonne Gillespie

A fun-filled presentation

for Dramatic Voice and Orchestra

for your Children’s Series!

What do a Dove and an Ant, a Lion and a Mouse, and a Fox and a Crow all have in common?  They are all characters from Aesop’s fables who learn valuable lessons about life and discover that it is much better to help one another and to live in harmony.

Of Aesop’s many great fables, three were chosen and each provided a perfect opportunity for the creation of really great orchestral music.  These three works are a great addition to your symphony orchestra’s programming for children!